Life and Soul is about more than living. We are about thriving.

We are a wellness center with busy, modern people in mind.

We offer consultations, classes, workshops and an online school teaching you the skills you need to create more health, well being, peace of mind and most of all, satisfying relationships.

Today’s challenges mean maintaining more than work life balance. At Life and Soul we create effective strategies and sustainable solutions that nourish and revive you, your relationships, your families, staff and communities.

We love to be in service. Our team of skilled professionals bring their talent and knowledge to your workplace on your schedule.

Our innovative wellness coaches, health professionals, allied health therapists, yoga & mindfulness teachers  counselors and relationship experts collaborate to provide diversified wellness solutions specific to your needs.

Our Life and Soul Corporate Wellness Programs are specifically developed by Life and Soul for organizations, teams & individuals to live healthier, happier, more engaged and thriving lives at home and at work.

Corporate Wellness Programs

Outcomes For The Organization

  • Develop an effective and sustainable wellness program
  • Integrate the program within your team development
  • Aligning values of your people to the organization
  • Creating engagement, fulfillment & increased productivity
  • Provide ongoing support for employees to find solutions to challenges that benefit everyone

Outcomes For Your Employees

  • practicing holistic approach to well-being and self care
  • Introducing new concepts to enhance mind /body communication
  • Enhance positive mindset
  • Feeling more effective, engaged & productive
  • Incorporating mindfulness techniques to their workplace
  • Improved fitness, mobility & clarity
  • Confidence and resilience


Life and Soul is a wellness center that brings the benefits of holistic coaching to you. Our mission is to bring heart and soul to your life through innovative, proven, best practice approaches that center your needs.  Our team of hand-selected experts offer knowledge and skill to boost the most important relationships in the world – yours!

Our professionals offer services from business coaching and leadership training, to developing communicative strategies that prioritize  practices such as empathy and congruence while encouraging resilience and integrity.

Our team address wellness from a ‘whole person’ perspective, offering guidance around everything from improving dietary choices to enhance work performance, exercise and fitness plans that can be completed in minimal time with minimal space, to counseling and coaching services for personal and professional relationships. We recognize that overall health encompasses the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. We offer tailored strategies for living a more meaningful life at home, at work and within the community.

We recognize that satisfaction at home creates satisfaction in the workplace so our team of qualified therapists and health professionals offer support and counseling solutions that increase connection and decrease stress, worry and distraction.


Corporate Wellness Programs

Seminars: Bring your staff together in a fun and positive environment promoting teamwork

Massage and Personal Training

Yoga and Mindfulness

Coaching and Counseling

Our range of tailored solutions are designed to take your team from where they are to  where they want to be. Contact us to find out how our team can best serve yours.