Are you looking for a way to provide an engaging, inspiring and informative well being education session for your team?

Life and Soul Inc provide a large range of seminars designed for your organization’s needs. These are a great way of bringing your staff together in a fun and positive environment, promoting team work.

Our seminars can be presented as

  • Full Day
  • Half Days
  • Lunchtime

Consider how a monthly or quarterly seminar program can keep your staff happy, healthy and focused on the tasks ahead in both their work and personal lives.

Some of our Seminar Topics:

Health at any size

No matter your size, shape, ability or background, health is a human right. We’ll bust a few myths about health and well being and show you some tips, and changes you can start immediately

Energy, activity and mental health

It can be hard when long hours and a hectic lifestyle are working against you. This seminar sheds light on some ideas and tools to boost your energy levels and achieve your goals whilst maintaining a work-life balance.

Finding a work-life balance

We cover topics such as goal-setting, gaining clarity and taking effective action.

Introduction to workplace mindfulness

Exploring the benefits that mindfulness has on your employees productivity, creativity, communication and general wellbeing.  Learn the science of mindfulness and be guided through a number of practical techniques that can be practiced at work or at home!

Introduction to relationship skills

We are nothing without our relationships. Being a better partner, friend, parent and community member are essential life skills. This seminar shows you how.

Muscles, mind and memory

We cover the benefits of stretching in the workplace and guide your team through demonstrations to show them how they can relax and stretch in the office and at home.

Wholehearted living

Imagine living a wholehearted life of satisfaction, passion and contentment? We’ll show you how.

Our seminars have modern lifestyles in mind. No matter your age, skill level or background, our seminars can be tailored to suit your needs.